Our Mission:


We are dedicated to serving, helping and reaching everyone in need. We are committed to fighting for life because we believe that people matter. Every project that we take on fits with our heart to serve.


Our Model

SHAREtogether is driven by a unique corporate model that allows companies and organizations to come together by giving resources, finances, and more to be used to continue fighting for and protecting life. This benefits companies by allowing them to give back, which looks good in the eyes of the public, and it also benefits SHAREtogether and each organization we partner with to impact change.



anti-trafficking organizations

Have received financial support from SHARE through 8 Days Film red carpet premiers, DVD sales and fundraisers throughout the United States.



of 8 days film proceeds

Go directly towards anti-trafficking organizations and safe houses that are fighting to rescue and rehabilitate survivors.



states throughout the usa

Have screened 8 Days film to raise awareness in their schools, churches and public forums about the reality of the sex trafficking industry.


Our Projects

As part of our mission to serve, help and reach everyone, we believe in projects that are designed to impact change. One of our biggest initiatives has been fighting against the child sex trafficking industry.


8 days film

This feature film was produced in partnership with After Eden Pictures. It is based on real events and follows the life of 16-year-old Amber Stevens who is forced into the world of sex trafficking while her family fights to get her back. Proceeds from the film go directly towards local safe houses.



As a motivational speaker regularly featured on numerous television and radio programs, Jaco travels around the country and internationally to speak at events, fundraisers and conferences to communities, churches, universities, schools and organizations. If you would like more information on booking Jaco to speak or to schedule an event please contact karen@afteredenpictures.com (817)-999-1570

sex nation

A powerful docuseries created as a follow up to 8 Days film. This series takes an inside look at the reality of the child sex trafficking industry from the perspectives of multiple different occupations and people’s viewpoints who directly come in contact with victims and survivors of this crime.


More coming soon

We are always looking for new ways to serve, help and reach people in need. There are many more projects that are in the works behind-the-scenes that we cannot wait to share with the world. Check back soon to learn more about what we’re doing and how you can be a part.



This is happening here -everywhere- and we need to do something about it... My daughter can come home and sleep safely in her bed at night, but there are thousands of daughters who can't, and that will never be okay with me. My fight will never be over until those daughters are back home... If we do nothing, then the perpetrators -these criminals- win."

Mother of a Sex Trafficking Survivor



Get Involved

SHAREtogether is constantly growing and taking on new projects and initiatives. We are passionate about serving, helping and reaching everyone in need, but we cannot do it by ourselves. We need people just like you fighting alongside of us so that we have a greater impact on the world around us.



Interested in serving, helping and reaching everyone in need? Join the fight with us against sex trafficking.



We love hearing from people just like you. Contact us to learn how you can get involved with our nonprofit.


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Proceeds go towards safe houses and organizations who are fighting with us to impact change. Join the fight.