About SHAREtogether

SHARE is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization with a heart to serve, help and reach everyone in need.


SHAREtogether was brought to life in 2012 and built on a foundation of serving, helping and reaching everyone by giving back to those who are in need.


SHAREtogether is driven by a unique corporate model that allows companies and organizations to come together by giving resources, finances, and more to be used to continue fighting for and protecting life. This benefits companies by allowing them to give back, which looks good in the eyes of the public, and it also benefits SHAREtogether and each organization we partner with to impact change.


8 Days film has premiered throughout the United States and internationally raising awareness about child sex trafficking in churches and schools.

The SHARE Golf Classic will raise awareness about the sex trafficking industry and will bring together multiple organizations as a coalition to continue fighting this crime.

Sex Nation is a powerful anti-trafficking video series that will soon be released to show the reality of the industry from multiple occupation’s perspectives.


SHAREtogether is a non-profit dedicated to promoting and protecting life by sharing services and resources from around the world.


It is our innate belief that everyone in need should recieve a helping hand through which they are empowered and become self sustainable. No individual, small business or corporate giant is disqualified.


We believe in giving back, this is why 80% of all proceeds raised through 8 Days film premiers, fundraisers and DVD sales. Through our Charity Golf Classic, our partner organizations have the ability to raise funds for their non-profit with 100% of the proceeds from hole sponsorships going directly to the organizations. All of our projects are structured to directly benefit organizations in need and empower them to continue their efforts.


55+ anti-sex trafficking organizations have received financial support from SHARE through 8 Days Film. This number will continue to grow as we expand our number of projects.